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ABOUT UPTICK Global Market Analytics

I have always been interested in capital markets, since a very young age. I have always thought that there is more to markets than appears in your standard textbook, business news special report, or within the pages on of a New York Times best seller.

In the markets we are all trying to maximize one little equation: Expected Profit = Probability*(Payoff) -Probability*(Loss). In its simplest form we are dealing with one equation and 3 unknowns to which there is clearly no solution. This points us back to the human condition and the summation of individual expectations, deviations from, and the meeting of, as the primary driver of volatility. The concept remains intact and has been the foundation for the lens through which I view the marketplace and macroeconomics. The filter and philosophy remains the same for me across any particular strategy from order flow arbitrage, event driven trading, terms spreads or any other means of translating the view to an actionable trade idea or investment. The possibilities are endless and the flow of information is continuous, which has driven my infatuation with markets and economics at large.

After working in derivatives and microstructure research, in joint effort with the Montreal Exchange, was a strategist at one the worlds largest HFT hedge funds, and actively traded full time for several years. I applied the knowledge gained from my work experience and put my quantitative toolbox, which I have refined since my studies in Mathematics/Finance/Economics, to use. I am constantly looking for new opportunities, working on projects, doing consulting work, involved in business development activities in the physical commodities trading space, and active in the futures market. This website is a passion project of mine, wherein I will share my ideas and market views with the rest of the world and post articles that are relevant to like minded traders. I hope you enjoy the content I deliver.


-David Felkai